Bar Lane Studios is host to a pop up contemporary Youth Café and creative space between Friday, September 14th and Friday, October 5th 2012.


York Youth Council have struck an exciting deal with Bar Lane Studios for the next three weeks to host the extra-special Inspire Youth Café. The project is being funded by the York Young Peoples’ Trust in its entirety. The café aims to make a success by providing services and space for young people who are considered by many to be under catered for in central York.

Members of theYork Youth Council have been working on this unique concept for around three years and are now very enthusiastic about unleashing it into the world. Having almost secured previous spaces, Bar Lane Studios offered its support at the right time. Bar Lane has been a central creative hub within the city over the last few years, acting as essential support for emerging artists and aspiring talent, both locally and nationally.

The innovative partnership has allowed the Youth Council’s dedicated and passionate young people the chance to take full control of their vision from setting prices in the café to choosing the content of workshops and promoting the venture to engage an audience; this is no mean feat considering all of those involved in the project are volunteers who are flexing their entrepreneurial muscles (possibly) for the first time ever.

Current York Youth Council members range from 11-to-17-years-old. Following on from recent campaigns to raise awareness and improve support for young people on topics such as public transport, travel prices and poverty in the city (an article written by the Youth Council on that challenging topic can be found in the September issue of One&Other magazine) means that this group of young people are in the very best place to provide what others of the same age need.

By providing a safe, comfortable and easily accessible space that can really be owned by those who get involved, the Inspire Youth Café will serve as a creative space to host workshops targeted specifically at young people in York up to the age of 18.

There are a number of engaging (and hopefully entertaining) workshops that the Youth Council wish to provide in the future for its young people and the wider community of York. Some of the workshops available to take part in at present include:

Dance and Arts Workshops | Music Events | Design and Print a T-shirt | Help Make a Short Film | Creative Writing

The youth-friendly prices for fair trade food and drink in the café will include; tea, coffee, hot chocolate, biscuits, sandwiches, juice, cupcakes and chocolate.

If the café project is successful, its future could be secured, so the organisers are asking for York’s help to encourage young people to visit the space until the end of September 2012 and prove that there is a need for it.

Promising a social welcome, Inspire Youth Café will be open from 3:30pm until 9pm every week day, and on Saturday until 5pm. Bar Lane Studios can be found at the top of Micklegate at the end near the Bar wall.


Key Events and Workshops

Saturday, October 15th

12:30 – 2pm – Lunch club and acoustic music (free)

Monday, October 17th

4:30 – 7pm Film-making session to create a short film about Bar Lane Studios and the Inspire Cafe (£5 per session)

Tuesday, September 18th

4 – 6pm Photo re-touching (£2 per session)

6 – 7:30pm – Creating zine artist books (£2 per session)

Wednesday, September 19th

4 – 5pm – Zumba in Bar Lane’s Basement (£3 per session)

6 – 8pm – Photography and Design (£2 per session)

Thursday, September 20th

4 – 5pm – Blogging / Creative Writing (free)

Friday, September 21st

Stone Soup Performance Arts (£2 per session)

Saturday, September 22nd

Lunch club and acoustic music (free)

Monday, September 24th

Film-making (£5 per session)

Tuesday, September 25th

4.30 – 6pm – Creating zine artist books (£2 per session)

5 -7pm – T-shirt printing (£8 per session)

Wednesday, September 26th

4 – 5pm – Zumba in Bar Lane Basement (£3 per session)

6 – 8pm – Photography and Design (£2 per session)

Thursday, September 27th

4 – 6pm – Photo re-touching (£2 per session)

Friday, September 28th

4.30 – 5.30pm – Stone Soup Performance Arts (free)

5.30 – 7.30pm – Unplugged jam session (free)

Saturday, September 29th

12.30 – 2pm – Lunch club and acoustic music (free)

2.30 – 4pm – Debate club – the pros and cons of a Youth Cafe (free)

Monday, October 1st

4.30 – 7pm Film-making (£5 per session)

Tuesday, October 2nd

4.30 – 6pm – Zine books (£2 per session)

6-8pm – T-shirt printing (£8 per session)

Wednesday, October 3rd

4 – 6pm – Prepare presentation (free)

6 – 8pm – Party preparation (free)

Thursday, October 4th

4 – 6pm – Prepare presentation (free)

6 – 9.30pm – Party night (DJ) (free)

Friday, October 5th

5 – 6pm – Presentation (free)

6 – 7pm – Mingle (free)